GTS has the capabilities and experience to offer its Clients both technical and management consulting services:

  • Over 220 years of combined experience working as gas utility operators, GTS has a wealth of capability to assist operators’ solve problems
  • Experience in virtually every facet of operating natural gas utility – engineering, operations and maintenance, regulatory compliance, process improvement, integrity management, rate case support
  • National natural gas industry consulting experience
  • Active participation in American Gas Association and INGAA
  • Actively tracking regulatory changes and developments from PHMSA and State jurisdictions

GTS maintains capability to perform technical consulting services in pipeline and facilities engineering, integrity management engineering and asset information system developments and improvements, including the following:

  • Post MAOP Verification decision flows
  • Replace vs. Test Decision Flows
  • Test prioritization decision flows
  • GIS System Transition to New Database Structures

In addition, management consulting services capabilities include the following :

  • System Improvements for Operations and Maintenance Activities –developing/improving process, enabling technology and training people
  • Work Management Systems
  • Data Capture Systems
  • Direct Inspections Data
  • Pipeline and Station Features List Development
  • Modernization of Records Systems
  • Modernization of O&M Activities
    • Mobile Platform Development and Implementation
    • New Technology Leak Survey Solutions
    • As-Built Processes
    • Strengthening Internal Controls and Quality Controls into Processes
    • Monitoring and assessing effectiveness of implementation and execution of process improvements

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