Ben Campbell

Ben is a management professional with over 35 years of experience in gas engineering, operations, construction, project management, product development, and marketing with an emphasis on engineering and business development within the midstream and downstream sectors of the natural gas industry. Ben joined GTS in 2019 as the Vice President of District Operations.  In 2020, Ben was named President of GTS and led the organization through the sale of GTS to Kleinfelder in October 2020.  Ben continues to lead the GTS organization as a Kleinfelder Company.  Prior to GTS, Ben worked for Pacific Gas and Electric Company for 36 years.  Ben’s experience while working with Pacific Gas and Electric Company was quite diverse and included serving as Director of Hydrotest Engineering, Director of Project Management, Director of Gas Transmission Construction, Director of Gas Marketing, Director of New Revenue Development (from utility non-tariffed products and services) and various mid-management engineering positions with PG&E’s gas transmission and distribution departments.

Major Accomplishments 

  • As president of GTS, led GTS through the due diligence phase in the acquisition of GTS by Kleinfelder in October 2020.
  • Executive responsible for the formation and development of PG&E’s hydrotest program which tested over 1400 miles of in-situ gas transmission pipeline since the San Bruno incident in 2010.
  • Directed the Project Management organization which delivered on an annual $700 million capital and $300 million expense budget for a four-year period to execute PG&E’s Pipeline Safety Enhancement Plan (PSEP). Gas Transmission projects delivered included pipeline replacement, hydrotesting, ILI retrofits, ILI pig runs, valve replacement and automation, regulator and compressor station rebuilds, casing removals, and corrosion projects.
  • Directed the team that developed PG&E’s dig PMO to reliably and efficiently deliver on MAOP validation and Integrity Management inspections and remediation of the pipeline system.
  • Directed PG&E’s program to earn revenues on the secondary use of PG&E’s assets including such items as installing cellular base stations on PG&E transmission towers, installing fiber on PG&E towers and in conduits, mover services, LED street light turnkey service, gas parts replacement program, licensing, etc. Developed 13 new revenue generating services and doubled net revenue in less than 5 years.
  • Wrote testimony and testified in over a dozen Public Utility Commission proceedings as an expert witness for rate cases, market policy changes, and PSEP program issues.
  • Directed PG&E’s California Gas Transmission business unit which is responsible for the sale of gas transmission and storage transportation contracts, customer service, and product marketing strategies. Helped to develop the Gas Accord settlement agreement which rewrote the market structure for delivering natural gas across California and was recognized nationally for its progressive rules and flexibility for customers. Achieved an 8.8 on a 10-point scale for Customer Satisfaction. Also, helped to develop PG&E’s parking and lending program.

Ben holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of California at Davis and a Master’s in Business Administration from Saint Mary’s College in Moraga, CA. Ben earned his Professional Engineering License in California in 1988.