Construction Package and Specifications

Developing and providing complete and accurate drawings, details and specifications are paramount to successful construction installations and placing stations into service.  GTS has years of experience developing project specific Issued for Construction (IFC) packages for a wide range of project types; from simple valve replacements and actuator retrofits, to full scale transmission metering and regulating stations, as well as auxiliary system replacements at compressor stations.  GTS has worked in all station types for various operators across the country, providing a repository of experiences and projects to lean on.  Our team is well versed in complying with various Operator company standards, practices and preferences, and can efficiently create IFC packages to meet any needs. 

Please refer to our “Key Projects” section below for various project examples that highlight GTS’ expertise.

Key Projects

New Valve Automation & ILI Stations Project

In conjunction with a hydrostatic test and ILI upgrades for a 12-inch transmission pipeline, GTS designed five new stations to add capabilities for flow measurement, line isolation via automatic shutoff valves (and remotely control capabilities via SCADA), ILI receivers and launchers…

Integration between multiple engineering disciplines was required to complete the full project scope. GTS created complete construction packages for the new installations which included Mechanical, Civil, and Electrical designs… Read More

Engineering Design & Construction Drawing Package

To perform a traditional ILI, the client required removing certain obsolete equipment from an existing pipeline station and reinstalling this functionality at a different station upstream. In addition, the engineering team developed a design to install a new transmission metering run utilizing a clamp-on ultrasonic meter, a new dual pressure regulation runs with remote setpoint control, and a 30-inch pig launcher, all while ensuring the main line was piggable. GTS provided a complete construction drawing package, and provided support for commissioning, start-up, as-built review, and project closeout. 

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