Corrosion PMO

GTS offers comprehensive integrated program management office solutions for a range of corrosion programs using the latest tools, methodologies, and best practices. GTS program managers recognize the complexities and challenges of today’s corrosion programs and are skilled at developing solutions. Our team of program managers works directly with our clients to establish and maintain programs for various corrosion threats, assessing and prioritizing program requirements to ensure key initiatives address the threats identified. Through every phase, GTS is dedicated to providing value by controlling costs, managing schedules, clarifying scope of work, verifying quality, and providing ongoing communication to ensure delivery of results. Corrosion Programs managed by GTS Program Managers include:

  • Close Interval Survey – multi-year program to perform close interval surveys
  • Atmospheric Corrosion – inspection and mitigation of atmospheric corrosion on pipeline and station assets
  • Casings – casing inspection and mitigation of casing contacts
  • Coupon Test Stations (CTS) – multi-year program to install coupon test stations
  • Internal Corrosion – inspection, monitoring and mitigation of internal corrosion on pipeline, storage and gathering assets
  • Corrosion Investigations – investigation, analysis, cathodic protection mitigation and excavations to confirm pipeline integrity
  • DC Interference – investigation and mitigation of DC Interference on gas transmission pipeline and assets
  • CP Systems (New) ‘850 Off’ – develop, pilot and implement cathodic protection monitoring program based on – 850 mV criteria
  • CP Systems (Replacement) – replacement of existing cathodic protection systems that have been depleted or degraded
  • AC Interference/CTS – investigation and mitigation of AC Interference on gas transmission pipeline and assets

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