Detailed Engineering Analysis

GTS has performed an array of engineering analyses for natural gas systems, ranging in scale from independent evaluations of systems to parts of larger projects. GTS understands that a “one-size fits all” solution may not be appropriate in many cases, and that often, company standards may not exist for purposes of design. As a result, GTS brings experience in crafting solutions to address specific issues or project goals, and knowledge of the various industry and code practices (e.g. ASME, API Recommended Practices) to guide designs.

GTS also has a variety of subject matter experts with decades of experience in Station natural gas engineering, operations, maintenance and process to utilize for developing best-fit solutions. Our previous experience with small and large natural gas systems is invaluable in providing an “Operator’s” perspective on project work.

GTS is well versed in developing alternative analyses to detail proposed solutions, and the associated total estimated costs, pros and cons, constructability, risks, etc. for each one. This aids in effective decision making, helping the team make the best decision moving forward.

GTS also has capabilities to perform a variety of detailed engineering analyses, calculations and modeling.  Utilizing specific programs and software,  analysis can be completed for control valve sizing, pipe and component sizing, pipe flow modeling (see “Hydraulic Analysis and Modeling” for additional information), service line sizing, blowdown times and volumes, purging and clearing, regulator and monitor (or relief valve) system analysis, pipe stress, pipe supports, foundations, external loadings, and more. GTS understands that sound engineering must be rooted in solid analysis, calculations and judgement; hence decisions are made with robust justifications to back them up

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