Digs PMO

In our work with large utilities, GTS is integral in the planning, development and establishment of a PMO to manage the many different digs that are required to assess the integrity of gas transmission pipelines and stations.  These include Material Verification digs, External Corrosion Direct Assessment (ECDA) digs, Internal Corrosion Direct Assessment (ICDA) digs, ILI assessment digs, Stress Corrosion Cracking digs, Project Potholing, etc. GTS manages the program to ensure that regulatory baseline assessments, integrity investigations, and engineering information requests are completed within compliance deadlines. In addition to significantly increasing the probability of regulatory compliance, a Dig PMO benefits clients by standardizing the dig process, lowering costs, increasing efficiency, increasing the communication and collaboration across all stakeholders, increasing the quality of the documentation and record management, and improves customer satisfaction. The Digs PMO brings together dedicated resources necessary to perform assessments assigned by the various program stakeholders, to build efficiency and transparency.

GTS has managed over a thousand digs for its clients in a Digs PMO structure. GTS has developed standardized tools and processes that work.  With standardization and process improvement, GTS has helped its clients meet their compliance dates and lower their dig costs by millions of dollars per year.

The Digs PMO Team consists of functional groups such as Project Management, Land Management, Environmental, Permitting (Federal, State and Local), Government Relations, Customer Relations, Construction Management, Inspection, Construction (Internal and Contracted), Contract Management, Engineering, Integrity Management, and additional resources as required. To support the Digs PMO, GTS personnel schedule and manage all resources required to execute projects, focusing on cost, scope, quality and communications. GTS personnel can also provide project management of individual dig projects, develop permit drawings, coordinate acquisition of permits, provide in-field support during inspections, and develop as-built packages.

Key Projects

LNG Storage Plant Hydrotest

Through a Digs Project Management Office (PMO), GTS provided program and project management as well as MAOP Reconfirmation, design, and field engineering services to execute a hydrotest of two segments of natural gas transmission pipeline… Read More

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