Distribution Pipeline Design

GTS offers a wide range of services in relation to the replacement, installation and manipulation of steel and plastic distribution pipelines. Our in-house engineering, consulting and drafting capabilities allow GTS the flexibility to tackle these projects no matter the complexity and scope. Established process and procedures ensure problems are approached from every angle, make use of design options such as insertions and trenchless installations and every deliverable is reviewed through a robust quality control and quality assurance program.

Over the past 20 years, our experience with distribution pipeline projects has spanned a multitude of engineering project types including new business/applicant design, main extensions, service replacements/transfers, system uprates/downrates, sizing calculations, joint trench and utility composite designs. GTS is also well versed in the variety of materials that may be encountered within distribution pipeline design including steel and plastic pipe and fittings, valves, regulators and more. Our familiarity with industry standards and best practices positions GTS as the premier choice for distribution pipeline design engineering and consulting.

Representative examples are detailed below under the “Key Projects” section to convey GTS’s expertise with distribution pipeline design.

Key Projects

Distribution Pipeline Design Project

GTS has engineered and designed several distribution pipeline replacement projects in Arizona to replace degrading plastic and steel pipe. The pipe replacements were primarily driven by potential integrity threats, including degrading PVC and Drisco M8000 plastic pipe, and CP issues on vintage steel pipe. Many of the pipe replacement projects were designed and constructed in a “grid” replacement format… Read More

Mobile Home Park Utility Upgrade Program

The California Public Utility Commission (CPUC) approved a program to convert master metered natural gas and electric utility services serving MHP communities to direct utility services. GTS has provided the completed scoping and gas design packages for over 90 MHPs across California ranging in size from a small rural park of 12 spaces to a large inner-city park of over 300. The scoping and design for each park included… Read More

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