Distribution Regulator Station Design

GTS has completed detailed engineering and design for replacement, abandonment and upgrade of over 450 regulator stations. These projects ranged from smaller, single customer services off high pressure pipelines (farm tap regulators) to larger, dual-run, pilot-operated stations. Clients request these design services for various reasons including, but not limited to, operational issues, lack of capacity to meet demand, or being out of compliance with current codes or standards.

During the scoping of a project, as required, GTS has extensive experience visiting the site, working with permitting, land, and key stakeholders to provide an alternative analysis, as required, and ultimately determining the best location and design for the project. The typical lifespan (project initiation to approved issued for construction drawings) of individual projects is 3 to 4 months; however, GTS has successfully expedited projects when needed to allow for construction to occur as quickly as 2 months following project initiation. GTS engineers have performed the following tasks to support project execution:

  • Site selection / alternative analysis
  • Equipment sizing
  • Equipment selection & ordering
  • Identification of long lead materials
  • Piping design
  • SCADA design
  • Development of pressure test specifications
  • Identifying appropriate weld procedures
  • Clearance design
  • Operating diagram creation

In addition, GTS has experienced project and program managers who have performed the necessary coordination to execute the vast number of district regulator projects. The tasks performed include the following:

  • Project scheduling
  • Permit coordination
  • Subcontractor management & coordination
  • Cost estimating & cost tracking

Key Project

Distribution Regulator Station Project

GTS provided engineering design for a large volume customer regulator (LVCR) station in Williams, California.  The project scope was to remove and replace an existing LVCR and meter set assembly (MSA) with a new MSA with upstream metering.  The customer regulator and MSA were originally installed in 1982. The operator identified that the existing inlet piping within the MSA needed to be pressure tested to 800 psig… Read More

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