Electric Transmission Asset Knowledge

Managing Wildfire Risk for operators of electric grid facilities:

1. Kleinfelder has been performing Asset Knowledge capture for over 10 years
(since 2011)

2. Kleinfelder currently has 130 Asset Knowledge employees with 60 employees working on electric grid asset knowledge

3. Kleinfelder has developed proprietary templates, tools, and procedures for efficient program development and data capture

4. Asset Data is the foundation for risk identification, risk assessment, risk management, and ultimately wildfire risk mitigation efforts

5. Kleinfelder’s program development approach to Asset Knowledge involves:
   a. Identification of critical data and available sources
   b. Records review and data capture
   c. How to manage and deploy conservative assumptions
   d. Updating Systems of Record- Records Management System, Asset Information System (GIS),            Work Management System
   e. Improving the as-built process

6. Electric Transmission and Distribution Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) on staff

7. Data capture best practices and lessons learned from prior programs

8. Innovation team to automate processes and implement best use of available technology


We would be happy to help in any way necessary; you may reach out to Evan Stark, Director- Projects and Programs, at EStark@Kleinfelder.com.

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