Field Engineering

GTS has provided field engineering throughout the U.S. in varying levels of support dependent upon the client’s needs. GTS has the experience and knowledge to develop and implement a field engineering program tailored to client requirements or a specific project. Additionally, GTS can provide experienced field engineers to supplement a client’s existing field engineering staff to meet project workload demands or when the client has limited internal resources available.

GTS trains and develops field engineers to have a solid understanding of pipeline safety regulations and operator specifications to ensure construction and inspections are compliant with requirements.  GTS typically has their field engineers gain knowledge and experience by starting in the pipeline design and MAOP verification business areas.  GTS field engineers are trained in industry best practices and are cross trained in construction practices, inspection and proper documentation practices allowing them the flexibility to support clients in a variety of ways.   GTS field engineers have the experience to provide support during pipeline and station construction, in-situ pipe inspections, project as-builting, crew coordination, and scheduling.

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