Gas Transmission Mega Rule Compliance Assessment

GTS performed a comprehensive review and evaluation of our client’s existing gas integrity management and compliance programs as compared to the requirements of the final Pipeline Safety Regulatory Rule changes under Docket No. PHMSA–2011–0023, also referred to as the “Transmission Mega Rule #1”, published on October 1, 2019.

GTS utilized a team with extensive experience in developing, implementing, and managing gas integrity management, pipeline safety regulatory compliance and MAOP Reconfirmation programs for gas utilities and pipeline companies. The methods GTS used in this project provided an in-depth, detailed, evidence-based assessment and understanding of the current programs, processes, procedures, and practices. The outcome provided the client with the confidence that the areas of strength and areas for improvement were identified and understood.

GTS’ evaluation of the client’s programs was performed by developing and utilizing a compliance assessment matrix (“Regulations Compliance Assessment Matrix”) to compare existing procedures and practices to the requirements of new rule. GTS developed a set of standardized questions / discussion topics and then conducted interviews with key personnel to gain an understanding of program implementation and effectiveness status.

A final report and updated Regulations Compliance Assessment matrix were provided with GTS’ findings. The report summarizes the results of the reviews and interviews conducted, gaps identified, and GTS’ recommendations to close the identified compliance gaps. The report also included a Class 4 estimate of cost to implement the major recommendations. 

The Gas Transmission Mega Rule Compliance Assessment process, utilizing the Regulations Compliance Assessment Matrix, provides clients with an in-depth assessment of their compliance status and outlines a path forward in developing and implementing programs to achieve compliance.

Below is a graphic that provides an overview of the process behind GTS’ Regulatory Gap Analysis service offering: