GTS Honored with a Vetty Award

GTS, A Kleinfelder Company is proud to be a recipient of the Vetty Award for operational efficiency with Avetta’s products and services. Avetta honored nine companies, including Verizon, Entergy, and Cushman and Wakefield UK, with Vetty Awards for safety leadership, operational efficiency, and global partnership with Avetta’s products and services.

GTS utilizes Avetta to perform contractor prequalification and worker competency management. GTS was honored with the award due to the firm’s exemplary work using Avetta’s products to operate business more efficiently, and help suppliers become safer and more sustainable.

GTS “deserves the Vetty Award because of their commitment to safety, efficiency, partnerships and outcomes with Avetta product and services locally and globally,” said Avetta President and CEO Arshad Matin. “We are proud to partner with these businesses and recognize their vigilance in reducing risks in the supply chain.”


Mark Cabral, Sal Trejo, Colin Silla