Three GTS engineers check out a regulator station behind a fence

High Pressure Regulator Program Overview

Northern and Central California 

Throughout PG&E’s system, High Pressure Regulators (HPRs) provide regulation to take transmission pressure gas down to distribution pressures to deliver to customers. There are two types of HPRs, Farm Taps provide gas to one or two services and HPR style Diistrict Regulator Stations provide gas for smaller distribution systems. Our team supports a variety of projects associated with retiring, replacing, and rebuilding HPR Farm Taps and HPR style District Regulator Stations across the PG&E service area. We are involved in the design process from the site walk through the signed Issued for Construction drawing.

Kleinfelder has designed hundreds of projects for the HPR program since 2017. The scope of the projects varies from a simple cut-off or rebuild to replacing 40 Farm Taps with 3 Miles of 8” Distribution Main. Over the past two years, Kleinfelder has programmatically delivered the following projects:

2021 – Completed 145 Projects that account for 259 HPR Units

  • 63 Farm Tap Rebuilds
  • 44 HPR Style DREG Rebuilds
  • 38 HPR Cut-Offs many of these where we transferred service to a main.

2022 – Completed 83 Projects that account for 118 HPR Units

  • 34 Farm Tap Rebuilds
  • 35 HPR Style DREG Rebuilds
  • 12 HPR Cut-Offs

Services Provided

Kleinfelder contracted services include:

  • Design Drawings
  • Cost Estimates
  • Uprate Drawings
  • Downrate Drawings
  • Operating Diagrams
  • Weld Procedures
  • Station Data Sheets
  • Permit Drawings that meet local requirements

Kleinfelder’s Solution

Kleinfelder provides a programmatic approach using our best engineers and professionals. Our team works hand in hand with PG&E personnel to make sure the projects run smoothly through the entire design process. Our projects begin with a field visit where we can review current field conditions and find the best location for our proposed build while considering constructability and costs. We ensure that our designs are in compliance with PG&E’s standards.

    Our in-house team of mechanical engineers, civil engineers, and pipeline designers allows us to bring this expertise together on project after project. This helps us deliver the type of consistent results to our clients that can best be achieved by professionals that respect and rely on each other and strive to complete projects that benefit our clients and our society while safeguarding the environment.