Hydrostatic Test Certification

GTS provides pragmatic Hydrostatic Test Certifications.  A Hydrostatic Test Certification documents the parameters, performance, and success/failure of a hydrotest. Comprehensive Hydrostatic Test Certification Report that gathers the following:

Test Section Isolation Description
• Tie-in locations described
• Test head locations described
• Additional pipe tested for tie-ins described

Test Station Instrumentation Set-up
• Locations of testing equipment is described
• Types of testing parameters (pressure, temperature,
etc.) are described
• Test pump described in detail
• Documentation of Certificates of Calibration for
test equipment are gathered and reviewed for
compliance with Operator’s requirements
• Elevation deltas between pressure measuring
devices and test heads are documented
• Description of data that is being collected

Test Results
• Test pressures and durations maintained are
• Test pressures at various elevations are described
• If test is successful, established MAOPT
is provided

Material Specifications
• Detailed tally of material lengths and specifications
Tallies of Field Data Gathered
• Pressures
• Medium dynamics

Physical Properties of Test Participants
• Material tested
• Medium utilized
• Test criteria
• Elevations
• Spike/Static test criteria
• Stroke specifications

Hydrostatic Test Results
• Pass/Fail
• Pressure indicating/recording certification details
• Temperature recording device details
• Medium leak calculations
• Temperature log

• Pressure vs. Time
• Pressure vs. Volumes (calculated and actual)
• Pressure and Temperature vs. Time (below)