ILI Piggability Studies & Programs

Retrofit Design

GTS provides a variety of services to ensure successful execution of In Line Inspection projects. GTS services include reviewing entire systems on a macro level to determine optimal ILI pigging runs, reviewing existing pipeline configurations to identify unpiggable features, and engineering design to remediate un-piggable features and ensure the pipeline can facilitate inspection utilizing existing ILI tools – both traditional and non-traditional. In addition to mainline upgrades, GTS also provides comprehensive station upgrade design to install ILI tool launchers and receivers. ILI tool vendor selection, inspection execution, data analysis, and engineering support to remediate anomalies identified during inspection are all aspects of GTS’ ILI retrofit design services.  GTS remains abreast of technological advancements through industry participation and strong networks with ILI vendors allowing for solutions that are cutting edge and meet the needs of each Operator. 

Please refer to our “Key Projects” section below for various project examples that highlight GTS’ expertise.

Key Projects

ILI Retrofit Design Project

GTS has extensive experience with in-line inspection projects through the entirety of the ILI retrofit and inspection process. In support of client’s retrofit programs, GTS engineers reviewed the pipeline system to evaluate hydraulic feasibility of runs, perform detailed scoping to establish the work required to make a run piggable, Create detailed upgrade design packages for replacements, hydrotests, regulator stations, valve lots, and launchers and receivers.

GTS provided the detailed scoping and engineering design for the ILI retrofit of over thirty miles of transmission pipeline… Read More

Mainline Upgrades & ILI Engineering Services

GTS provided engineering services for the upgrade of approximately 24 miles of 24-inch pipeline in the Sacramento area. This project included the replacement of approximately 2,400-ft of 24-inch steel transmission pipe in a residential neighborhood. In addition to the mainline upgrades, GTS provided engineering services for the design of the traditional ILI launcher and ILI receiver at existing facilities on either end of the ILI run. After providing engineering services during construction, GTS also supported the client in incorporating all field data into the facility records.

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