ILI Retrofit Projects

GTS project managers have extensive experience managing ILI retrofit projects.  First, GTS engineers are experts at building multi-year ILI retrofit plans for clients to make their gas transmission systems capable of running ILI tools.  Once these scoping plans are in place, GTS project managers coordinate and plan the engineering and construction of the multiple locations and projects that are required to fully retrofit a pipeline to accept an ILI tool. GTS has engineered and project managed hundreds of miles of pipeline for ILI retrofits in rural, suburban, and urban settings across the country including across inland water ways and rivers, through environmentally sensitive terrain, steep mountainous terrain, and along congested downtown city streets. 

Project managing the retrofit of a pipeline to accept ILI tools can be complex with many issues to consider such as the launcher and receiver locations, acquisition of land rights, federal, state and local permits, environmental permits, material acquisition and inspection, replacement of short radius elbows and miters, replacement of long lengths of pipeline to make the pipe diameter the same, mainline valve replacements, identifying laydown and working space, managing construction change orders, coordination of tie-ins with Operations, as-built preparation, restoration coordination, and more.  GTS project managers are experienced, utilize detailed checklists based on lessons learned from past projects, and are able to manage these complex projects efficiently to meet tight construction and compliance deadlines and budgets.

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