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MAOP Reconfirmation via Hydrotest

PHMSA Mega Rule Part 1 Response – It’s Here, Do You Know Where You Stand?

These updates reflect significant changes impacting operators of natural gas transmission assets throughout the United States. The impacts are large and broad, and operators will have to act, if they have not already done so. Let us rewind and replay just what is the Gas “Mega-Rule”?

MAOP Reconfirmation via Hydrotest

MAOP Reconfirmation via Hydrotest – Considerations for Success

While the principles of hydrostatically testing a 50-year-old pipeline compared to testing a new pipeline are essentially the same, the execution can be vastly different. This article highlights some of those differences and shares lessons learned by GTS from testing over 1000 miles of in-situ pipelines, primarily to validate MAOP…

Establishment of Digs PMO

Establishment Of The Digs PMO Program

What is a Dig PMO Program? Why dig in the first place? Find out exactly what it entails and how it’s beneficial to establish a program into your work stream…

Establishment of MAOP Program

Establishment of MAOP Validation Programs

In a perfect world, excellent records traceability from design, material ordering, construction, and testing will allow for the most efficient manner of compliance with these sections. However, this is not realistic and most operators will have to perform a significant amount of work to achieve compliance. Gain knowledge on establishing an MAOP Program by reading the full article…

Advanced Leak Survey

Advanced Mobile Leak Survey Technology: An Operator’s Perspective

Federally mandated gas leakage survey has been an integral part of the safe and reliable operation of gas utility infrastructure for many years. Though the technology used to perform these surveys have improved greatly. Learn more about these technologies, their uses, and how to implement them into your work streams…

Automating Hydraulic Simulation

Automating Hydraulic Simulations of a Large Number of Scenarios

Utilities perform unparalleled levels of safety related work on their assets, yet complex system outages are still occurring. You are then required to hydraulically analyze these system outages under a number of scenarios to ensure safety. Find out how to cut outages and operating interruptions…

Overcoming Inspection Challenges

Overcoming Inspection Challenges Using Non-Traditional ILI

Emerging non-traditional (NT) in-line inspection (ILI) technologies are providing new solutions for pipeline operators to inspect and gather critical-asset data at pipeline locations not previously accessible by internal inspection tools.  Successful NT ILI projects require a detailed understanding of the unique project constraints, the selection of the appropriate execution method and NT ILI tool, and meticulous planning and coordination…

GTS Finds It's Niche

GTS Finds Its Niche With Gas Utilities

You might justifiably say that Gas Transmission Services, Inc. is a model one-stop-shop if you’re in the natural gas business, especially in California.  The company, better known as GTS, works for nearly anyone involved in the natural gas value chain, from gas pipeline owners and operators to gas producers to residential and commercial developers…