Industry Presentations

GTS’ presentations given at Industry Conferences throughout the United States for the American Gas Association, Southern Gas Association, INGAA, and many more.

Data Governance

GTS’ Regulator Stations Review Programâ„¢

Review a detailed presentation that provides insight on GTS’ Regulator Stations Review Programâ„¢. Our program is build to assist operators and minimize risk of system over-pressurization in support of safe, compliant operations.

Digs PMO

Digs Project Management Office

What steps you need to take to implement a successful PMO within your company.  Consolidate your workload, increase visibility, and provide a one stop shop for project needs with a Digs Project Management Office.

Leak Survey

New Technology Leak Survey

A case study that compares and contrasts the use of new technology mobile leak survey with traditional leak survey instruments and methods.  Review the common concerns such as false indications, too many nuisance leaks, and understanding the technology.

Data Governance

Post MAOP Reconfirmation Activities

Take a detailed look into GTS’ Post MAOP Reconfirmation Activities implemented at Southern Company Gas that can apply to all operators. Southern Company Gas discusses the steps they’ve taken the past 3 years with the help of GTS.

Data Governance

Data Governance

Challenges associated with gathering, integrating, storing and securing integrity management data.  Find out methods to manage the quality of source data and the processes required to integrate that data.


Planning and Executing a Pipeline Centerline Survey Program

Why PLCL Survey improves pipeline location accuracy in GIS, easement protection, risk management, asset reconciliation with work management systems, and asset visibility.

MAOP Validation

Low Pressure Systems Risks and Replacement Challenges

Review past low pressure system incidents and the benefits of knowing the root cause of the incidents. This presentation offers suggestions on how to address some of the recommendations and minimize risk associated with operating LP systems.

MAOP Validation

MAOP Validation at Southern Company Gas

Anticipated code changes of 49 CRF Part 192, MAOP Validation objectives and outcomes, and go through the methods used.  Take a detailed look into SCG’s processes and it’s life after implementing an MAOP Validation program.

Automating Pipeline Simulation

Pipeline Simulation Modeling Advancements – Numerous Scenarios Analyzed Simultaneously

Find out why the number of simulations rapidly grow, and how the new Batch Analysis Tool (BAT) greatly improves simulation efficiency and enables system intelligence.

Hydrostatic Testing In-Situ Pipelines

Hydrostatic Testing of In-Situ Pipelines & Spike Testing

Essential elements of hydrostatic testing natural gas pipelines, things to take into consideration when testing your pipelines, overview of spike testing, and many lessons learned.

Managing Evidence of Compliance

Managing Evidence of Compliance

Reacquaint yourself with NPRM records requirements, review modern SORs, and record keeping processes.  Review the levels and accepted record keeping principals to better establish yourself for when NPRM codes take effect.