Industry White Papers

GTS’ White Paper contributions written for the American Gas Association, INGAA, and many more.

Applying Non-Traditional ILI

Applying Non-Traditional ILI Technology to Challenging Pipeline Segments for Transmission Integrity

Overview of 15 projects using emerging non-traditional ILI technologies, grouped by the type of challenge faced.  The use of these methods and technologies are increasingly important to the pipeline industry, to perform challenging integrity assessments.

Overview of Non-Traditional ILI

Overview of Non-Traditional ILI Projects for Challenging Pipeline Segments

Detailed review of experience relating to the scoping, planning, coordinating, and execution of 19 non-traditional ILI (NT ILI) projects. These projects have utilized a variety of NT ILI tools and illustrate key considerations for scoping and deployment based on examples from projects managed by GTS.

Considerations of Hydrostatic Pressure Testing Existing Pipelines

Technical, Operational, Practical, and Safety Considerations of Hydrostatic Pressure Testing Existing Pipelines

Addresses matters by providing technical, operational, practical and safety guidance in the planning, design and execution of hydrostatic pressure tests of existing pipelines.