Long Line Hydrotest Project

GTS provided hydrostatic test engineering and design for 160 miles of 34-inch gas transmission pipeline within the Mojave Desert. The project scope was to verify the integrity of the 1950’s vintage pipeline and validate MAOP. Since project initiation, GTS has been involved with all aspects of design and test coordination and GTS engineers will be providing engineering support to the owner’s engineer and construction contractor throughout construction and close-out. GTS created complete design packages that include:

  • Detailed engineering drawings
  • Pipeline isolation & civil details
  • Details for twelve 34-inch mainline valve installations with pneumatic actuation
  • Details for forty 12-inch tap valves
  • Strength test verification reports
  • Permit exhibits and details

The complete design package collectively provides traceable, verifiable, and complete records of the executed tests. Utilizing best practices developed over seven years on over 700 miles of successful hydrostatic tests, GTS engineers developed a detailed pipeline cleaning and test plan that includes:

  • Pigging and cleaning instructions, including pig types/specifications
  • Filling sequence, including valve operations and tap inspections
  • Leak check hold points
  • Spike testing & pressure hold point instructions
  • Pipeline drying plan

Project Highlights: