MAOP Reconfirmation

GTS has been providing MAOP Reconfirmation/Validation services to operators throughout the United States since 2011. GTS has performed this work on thousands of miles of pipelines and hundreds of stations to meet Federal Regulations. We have updated our processes and procedures in anticipation of the Pipeline Safety Regulatory Rule changes issued under Docket No. PHMSA-2011-0023, also referred to as the “Transmission Mega Rule”. The GTS MAOP Reconfirmation Method™ incorporates key foundational activities, from Records Review through Issues Resolution to set up your MAOP program to be as efficient as possible. These foundational activities include process development, current standards review, and proposed tracking methods to be utilized going forward.  Our method ensures a systematic approach to verifying records that are traceable, verifiable, and complete (TVC).

  • Quality Control & Review – In every production process, GTS establishes quality control points and appropriate metrics to track and ensure the quality standards are met by use of tallies, status reports, and comprehensive checklists.
  • Records Review & Research – GTS performs on-site hard copy records review – including cataloging, analyzing, scanning, uploading and attributing associated metadata to the new digital records in a client’s record repository system.
  • Pipeline & Station Features Lists (PFL/SFL) Build – A Features list consists of a component by component build out of a pipeline (or station) to include all taps, appurtenances, valves, elbows, etc. that are on the line Strength test information available; and is also entered into the features list with MAOP calculated for every feature. GTS’ Features lists allow an operator to systematically evaluate and view the strength of the system.
  • Issues Analysis – An important outcome of MAOP reconfirmation is the identification of potential issues or defects on the pipeline or station. GTS utilizes its proprietary Issues Analysis method to identify issues, recommend resolutions, and prioritize mitigation for the client’s decision-making process.

Review our MAOP Reconfirmation Method™ in detail below:

Key Methods & Tools

GTS MAOP Reconfirmation Method™

GTS has developed a proven and proprietary GTS MAOP Reconfirmation Method™ that incorporates key foundational activities from Records Review through Issues Resolution. Our method ensures a systematic approach to verifying records are traceable, verifiable, and complete (TVC)… Read More

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