Mobile Home Park (MHP) Utility Upgrade Program

The California Public Utility Commission (CPUC) approved a program to convert master metered natural gas and electric utility services serving MHP communities to direct utility services. GTS has provided the completed scoping and gas design packages for over 90 MHPs across California ranging in size from a small rural park of 12 spaces to a large inner-city park of over 300. The scoping and design for each park included:


  • Records research and field investigation – GTS reviewed all available gas and other utility records from the gas provider and MHP owner prior to a site visit, then walked the site to determine locations for new main, services and meters, maximum gas usage, and tie-in locations.
  • Gas load calculations – GTS made gas load assumptions for typical mobile home appliances. For other facilities onsite, such as community centers and laundry facilities, GTS summed the maximum gas demand of each appliance to appropriately size each meter.
  • Gas meters locations – When determining the best location for a gas meter at an existing mobile home site many factors must be considered, including distance from the trailer, electric ignition points, windows, driveways, and other utilities. GTS worked closely with the gas provider, MHP owner and the electric designers to ensure placement of meters met everyone’s needs and all code requirements.
  • Joint trench design – GTS determined the best location for joint gas and electric trench within the roadways of the park. Existing utilities were marked prior to the design site walk to avoid trench conflict while following standards.
  • Construction drawings – GTS helped to create a standardized MHP template that was used on all designs. The template has allowed for improved proficiency and quality across all projects. Construction drawings incorporated the gas design, details and materials list in one drawing set.
  • Gas service records – GTS completed a detailed gas service record for each service, providing service layout and dimensions.

Project Highlights: