Mojave Desert Pipeline Design Engineering Project

Prior to beginning the detailed design phase for any safety enhancement project, GTS engineers complete detailed project scoping to determine the most efficient enhancement scopes(s). During the scoping phase GTS engineers identify:

  • Project extents
  • Outage requirements
  • Work bundling opportunities

GTS is performing project scoping, engineering design, and project management for 186 miles of transmission pipeline rehabilitation. The project, starting in Needles, CA and ending in Littlerock, CA will address approximately 25 miles of pipeline via replacement and an additional 161 miles via hydrostatic testing along a rugged remote ROW containing 30” and 34” diameter pipeline. The tests and replacements traverse city, county, state, federal, Mojave Desert National Preserve and private rights-of-way impacting environmentally sensitive areas, city and county roads, local businesses, and residents.

The project scope was determined by GTS engineers after extensive records research and coordination with client engineers to identify compliant and safe test pressures for 186 miles of transmission pipeline. Safety enhancement mitigations will include:

  • 161 miles of hydrotest
  • Remediation of hundreds of anomalies identified by ILI prior to hydrostatic testing
  • 25 miles of pipe replacement
  • Replacement and automation of 5 mainline valves

GTS also cleared 2 miles of pipeline the client had identified for mitigation with our records research uncovering traceable, verifiable and complete test documentation.

A detailed and extensive water management plan was developed by GTS for testing both the new, and existing pipe. The plan accounts for the remote and rugged ROW, significant elevation changes, lack of local water supply, environmental constraints, and limitations of the ROW agreements.

Approximately $400 million in total installed costs will be spent to complete the project. Planning efforts have been ongoing since 2016 with an anticipated completion date of 2025. The project is currently under budget with no accidents, significant unplanned public complaints, or impacts.

Project Highlights: