New Valve Automation and ILI Stations Project

In conjunction with a hydrostatic test and ILI upgrades for a 12-inch transmission pipeline, GTS designed five new stations to add capabilities for:

  • Flow measurement
  • Line isolation via automatic shutoff valves (and remotely control capabilities via SCADA)
  • ILI receivers and launchers

Integration between multiple engineering disciplines was required to complete the full project scope. GTS created complete construction packages for the new installations which included Mechanical, Civil, and Electrical designs.

Each station required new piping configurations and instrumentation layouts to accommodate the automation and ILI equipment, including:

  • Piping layout and design, including valving, blowdowns, and tie-ins
  • ILI equipment placement (permanent and temporary)

Additionally, as each station was a “greenfield” site, all construction packages required full site development details. Substantial grading and site improvement work and truck turn analysis to confirm spacing for ILI operations was required. Civil design included:

  • Site improvement design
  • Truck access analysis
  • Storm water mitigation
  • Drainage design
  • Structural design

Lastly, to enable remote monitoring and control (via SCADA) for the station, GTS completed designs for the instrumentation, controls, and power aspects of the project.

GTS evaluated and proposed multiple options for each site and provided detailed exhibits and analysis to facilitate decisions for land acquisition and permitting.

GTS provided support in coordinating the system outage, which included approximately two million cubic feet per day of portable gas support.

GTS provides programming support (via subcontracting) and on-site start-up / commissioning support to ensure the new station is thoroughly tested and operates satisfactorily before releasing to operations.

Project Highlights: