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GTS has successfully applied for and obtained thousands of encroachment permits for our clients since 2001. Our permitting team has extensive knowledge in identifying any specific permissions that may be required for projects where activities encroach within public or private right-of-ways. This includes but is not limited to: Cities, Counties, Department of Transportation, Rail Roads, Airports, Regional Parks, Water Districts and many other governmental agencies.

Most submittal packages include an encroachment application, permit drawing, traffic control plan, construction schedule and a permit fee. Our permitting experience allows us to efficiently put together these necessary documents required for each specific agency. Providing a quality permit package helps ensure construction schedules are met.

Establishing and maintaining positive relationships with the agencies we work with is a key component to a successful permit process. More importantly, it helps ensure that the work being performed is done efficiently, correctly and safely for the construction teams as well as the public.

Vegetation Management 

GTS has experienced project management resources available to support Vegetation Management programs. Vegetation Management programs are used for multiple purposes including: 

  1. Clearing vegetation from gas pipeline right of ways to provide an operator better access to the pipeline in emergencies or to prevent coating damage from invasive tree roots
  2. Clearing vegetation from utility electric power line right of ways to reduce or eliminate tree branch contacts with electric power lines during high winds or storms to reduce the chance of outages
  3. Clearing dry brush and other flammable vegetation including tree branches that could contact a bare wire in an expanded clearance threshold to reduce the risk of wildfires

GTS PMs have experience working at the local level where they cultivate relationships with the local vegetation clearing teams and help expediting project dependencies, including environmental constraints, customer notifications, and permitting in order to keep this work moving forward efficiently. GTS PMs also work at the system-wide program level to help identify program mileage that both mitigates vegetation risks and more efficiently utilizes field resources, as well as coordinate efforts between execution and validation of completed work.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

GTS has a long history of working with the utilities and construction firms who are at the forefront of the electric vehicle revolution.  The process to install electric vehicle charging stations is very similar to applicant design and mobile home park installations where GTS excels.  GTS project managers are very familiar with the processes and permitting required to lead the engineering and installation of electric vehicle charging stations.

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