Burned neighborhood

Paradise Rebuild Effort

Project Highlights
  • Coordinate utility cooperation through adaptive and unified design processes
  • Generate base maps and drawing templates for gas and electric design teams
  • Negotiate the participation of communications utilities through intent requests
  • Develop gas design drawing and service record packages for Aldyl-A pipe replacement and reconstruction of services damaged by wildfire
  • Compile designs from all participating utilities into joint trench composite drawings
  • Develop procedures and automated processes to boost efficiency and quality control
  • Work closely with client and community to get the job done right the first time

Recently, wildfires have devastated communities, wildlife, and critical infrastructure in California. GTS is proud to support the rebuild efforts in Butte County where the 2018 Camp Fire deeply impacted the town of Paradise and surrounding areas. GTS plays a central role in the Butte Rebuild project, which can be divided into two main efforts:

Backbone Rebuild

The task of undergrounding Paradise’s gas and electric distribution assets is no small feat with construction planned through 2025. GTS engineers and drafters work closely with utility engineers, project managers and construction crews to develop and streamline processes to handle this unique situation. Using “dig it once” principles, obsolete gas infrastructure is replaced alongside the electric installations and conduit is provided for communications utilities to opt-in and minimize the total utility footprint in Paradise. GTS has already designed and supported the installation of over 50 miles of joint trench and provided engineering design for over 20 miles of new plastic gas distribution main. As ongoing and upcoming construction is completed, an additional 120 miles of joint trench and 20 miles of new gas main will be installed.

Urgent New Business

As homes are rebuilt around town, high priority service hotspots are created that need to be dealt with ahead of schedule. As soon as a customer application for service is received GTS jumps into action, working with utility providers to design and install permanent underground services in time for the housewarming. These jobs have ranged in size from a couple hundred feet of main trench and a single service, to a half mile of main trench and dozens of services. One of the first urgent jobs was completed from scoping to construction start in three days. Every month more services are restored to residents who have replanted their roots in Paradise.

GTS is proud to provide long term support to the overall Butte Rebuild effort as well as on-demand support in expediting service restoration to rebuilding customers. To date, GTS has worked to design the installation of gas mains in 49 miles of joint trench and gas services in 26 miles of joint trench throughout Paradise and neighboring areas. Through efforts to harden electric systems and modernize utility infrastructure by undergrounding, sectionalizing, and automating shutoff responses, GTS is diligently working with utilities to ensure safer and more reliable systems are in place for our future.