Regulator Station Review Program (RSRP): Data Collection & Asset Health Scoring
Large natural gas compressor station

This presentation will cover how asset knowledge is at the forefront of Operator’s priorities and decision making. Regulator stations are of particular focus due to recent natural gas incidents. These incidents have brought to light a lack of asset data necessary to ensure safe operation of existing systems. In establishing RSRP and performing comprehensive data collection, Southern Company Gas is enhancing their understanding of existing systems and identifying opportunities to bring stations in alignment with current and best practices. 


Conference Delivered:

  • American Gas Association’s 2022 Spring Operations Conference

Presented by:

Jessica has over 10 years of experience in engineering and project management in the Asset Knowledge realm of the industry. She works with clients to:

  • Develop, establish and maintain MAOP reconfirmation programs
  • Set up and establish Regulator Station Review Programs
  • Creation of asset and work management systems
  • Creation of 15 Year Plans and Material Verification Programs
  • Overall asset knowledge program set up for any body of work including execution


Jessica Sheldon

Asset Knowledge Manager –

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