Production Drawing Package Development

For more “template” based stations – such as for small distribution prefabricated regulator sets or vaulted ones – operators often utilize existing company standards and provide “cut-sheets” for construction.  Although effective in detailing the required materials, dimensions, etc. for construction of the set itself, they often lack site specific details.  Items such as fire valve locations, sensing line dimensions and tap locations, and more may not be accurately reflected, or even shown at all on these types of standards.

Additionally, these standard cut-sheets are not adequate in serving as a solid drawing of record or as-built as to what exactly was installed, and do not include site specific details for locations of main tie-in, routing of the outlet piping, etc. 

To aid multiple operators in closing these gaps, GTS has developed more production-based drawing packages.  GTS incorporates the standard elements of a company’s designs and provides a site-specific drawing which can be red lined for as-built records, updated and maintained as an effective drawing of record.  GTS has developed hundreds of these types of drawings, and understands the key items to include for construction, future maintenance and operation.  As a starting point GTS can utilize its existing templates used for past projects, and/or work in conjunction with the client to develop a package specific to needs and requirements.

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