Quarterly Newsletters

 GTS’ catalog of Quarterly Newsletters.  Keep up to date with what’s going on in the industry, within our company, read our technical articles, and learn about some of work from our project spotlights.

Quarterly Vol.3

Quarterly Vol.8 – July 2020

Our next issue includes an update on our operations during COVID-19, and how GTS will provide expertise to operators into the future. Take a look at our Mega Rule Compliance Assessment project spotlight and be sure to check out an infographic outlining the 12-Steps to Constructing a Safe & Reliable pipeline.

Quarterly Vol.3

Quarterly Vol.7 – April 2020

This issue includes an inside look at GTS’ Regulator Station Review Method™, and how important natural gas asset knowledge is to operators. Take a look at our Pipeline Route Study Analysis project spotlight and review our Why GTS section to really learn about what we offer.

Quarterly Vol.3

Quarterly Vol.6 – August 2019

Volume 6 includes an article providing insight on operating maps and diagrams, and how beneficial these tools are to operators. Take a look at our Distribution Pipeline project spotlight and learn a little big about getting regulations published.

Quarterly Vol.3

Quarterly Vol.5 – April 2019

Volume 5 dives into the PHMSA final rule on plastic pipe, GTS’ participation in the upcoming AGA Operations Conference, and our Project Highlight focuses on GTS’ MAOP Reconfirmation Method.

Quarterly Vol.3

Quarterly Vol.4 – November 2018

Volume 4 highlights our 20th anniversary in the natural gas industry, an article outlining how GTS helps clients across the country, and our Project Highlight focuses on a 25 mile pipeline replacement in the Mojave Desert.

Quarterly Vol.3

Quarterly Vol.3 – August 2018

Volume 3 highlights our upcoming conference participation for the rest of 2018, a Hydrostatic Testing article written by Colin Silla, and our Project Highlight focuses on a 26 mile Pipeline Design project.

Quarterly Vol.2

Quarterly Vol.2 – May 2018

Volume 2 highlights our summer conference participation, a Digs PMO article written by Richie Ngo, and our Project highlight on a Long Line Hydrotest.

Quarterly Vol.1

Quarterly Vol.1 – February 2018

Volume 1 highlights a past article written on MAOP Validation by Joe Medina, a new addition to GTS, and a sneak peek into GTS’ 15-Year Plan to NPRM Compliance.