Regulator Station Review Program™

Even with the best preventative and corrective maintenance practices in place, regulator stations can still pose a significant risk to the safety and reliability of operations. A complete understanding of regulator station asset knowledge, overall health and prioritization for improvement can arm operators with the knowledge to focus their O&M budgets and drive decisions which will minimize risk.

GTS has developed a comprehensive method to assist operators with regulator station review programs. GTS’s method provides a detailed review and assessment of regulator station assets to minimize the risk of system over-pressurization in support of safe, compliant operations.

Below are the elements that outline GTS’s Regulator Station Review Program™.

Station MAOP Reconfirmation & Issues Analysis

Regulator station records are reviewed, typed, graded, and digitally stored in the operator’s records repository. The records are used to develop features lists and calculate MAOP. Issues potentially impacting MAOP are identified, analyzed and mitigations are recommended.

Regulator and Overpressure Protection Set-points Validation & Cross Checked

Regulator and overpressure protection (OPP) set-points are reviewed and determined to support capacity requirements and ensure downstream system MAOP is not exceeded. Regulator and OPP set-point policies are reviewed and recommendations made for enhanced safety and compliance.

Prioritization for Issues Resolution

Decision trees are developed to prioritize issues. Identified issues and recommendations are processed to allow for proper prioritization of mitigations.

Station Health Score

Using GTS’ Station Health Score data collection sheet, data is collected, and a score is calculated using a GTS created Station Health Score algorithm. An operator can then use the category scores or overall station scores to determine if any improvements are needed at their stations.

Preventive Maintenance Review & Corrective Work Backlog Assessment

Maintenance records and work management system reviews are performed. Based on these reviews, recommendations are made to ensure good practices and compliance with standards and regulations.

Operating Maps & Diagrams

Station schematic drawings, “Operating Diagrams” are developed for each regulator station. Comprehensive operating maps are created to show the connectivity of the stations and to allow for system optics. A standard is developed to ensure the proper use and updating of maps and diagrams.

Startup & Commissioning Procedures

Post-construction start-up and commissioning procedures and practices are reviewed. Recommendations are
developed based on industry leading practices.

Station Operating & Maintenance Procedures

Station operating & maintenance procedures are developed to allow for comprehensive station asset knowledge for quick reference and use. These procedures must be reviewed and revised periodically to ensure that industry best practices are in effect.

Station Risk Ranking

GTS’s risk data collection sheet is utilized to collect data that is critical to calculating station risk. An operator can elect for GTS to calculate risk using their algorithm or use the data in their own risk model.

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