GTS Regulator Stations Review GRADER™

Product Overview

Natural gas system asset knowledge is at the forefront of Operator priorities and decision making. Most Operators have outdated, incomplete, or inaccurate regulator station records. Lack of documentation that reflects “as-built” and “as-left” conditions due to maintenance, reconfiguration, repairs, and/or upgrades lowers confidence in available station information. Lack of processes including management of change (MOC), and the updating of work management systems, makes it nearly impossible to truly understand the current state of each station.

GRADER™ provides asset managers the optics for understanding the current risk and health (condition) of a given asset. GTS focuses on helping Operators gain a clear view of their station assets as well as a plan to mitigate associated risks.


Product Package

Standard Natural Gas Station Data Collection Sheet: A comprehensive 150+ question survey which captures the following major categories: Response & Recognition of AOC, Equipment Issues, Location Access & Condition Issues, Pipeline Contaminants, Security, Overpressure Protection, Design & Operational Deficiencies, and Consequences

ArcGIS ESRI GeoDB: Information collected in the field using the data collection sheet as well as available records, asset and work management systems is stored within the GeoDB. This information is accessible via dashboards and filtering data.

Manuals and Guidance Documents: GTS will provide documentation for how to

  • Revise and update the Data Collection Sheet and Scoring Algorithms (modify weightings)
  • Perform data collection as well as updating and maintaining current and accurate information
  • Access and use the GeoDB (“Get Started” guide)
  • Maintain the database, e.g., how to upload data into the GeoDB extract data, update fields, etc.


Additional GRADER™ Offerings

Perform Data Collection: GTS provides field data collection services, including coordination and site visits to every station (or select stations as requested) in your system. Additionally, GTS can facilitate internal subject matter expert interviews as required by various questions in the data set. GTS completes all required data collection exercises to ensure each station’s current condition is
“complete,” and the information is uploaded into the GeoDB.

Customization of the Data Collection Questionnaire: Using the standard data collection questionnaire as a template, GTS can collaborate with you to customize it to your specific needs. Although the standard list of questions is comprehensive, you may want to capture specific known issues, equipment types, station configurations, and more.

Customization of the GeoDB: GTS can customize different views and data summaries based on your needs. GTS provides standard panel views, but additional views can be created to combine several factors based on your specific requirements.




If you want to learn more about the GRADER™ service,

let GTS’ Subject Matter Experts help.