Providing Safe & Reliable Solutions into the Future


Wow, 2020 turns out to be a very different year!! We, at GTS, want to encourage everyone to be safe, not only as we always have
been safe in operating in the natural gas industry, but also following all federal and states guidelines with the Covid-19 threat that is changing our world.

As always, GTS is here to provide our expert engineering and consulting services and support to operators during these trying
times. Because operators are still obligated to ensure that their systems are always operating safely, compliantly, and able to serve customer needs.

By conducting a regulatory gap analysis (based on recent Mega-rule, Part 1 changes), GTS can provide operators comfort in the knowledge of where you stand and what actions need to be taken to close any gaps. In addition, GTS continues to provide a full menu of services that operators require. Some of these services that you are seeking may be:

  • MAOP Reconfirmation and Material Verification, including creation of the 15-Year Plan
  • Digs Program Management
  • Establishment and Execution Piggability programs
  • Hydrostatic testing programs
  • Distribution and transmission replacement programs
  • Integrity management services
  • Regulator Station Review Programs

We invite you to take a look at our website for a full list of our services and how we can assist you to overcome your challenges.

Be safe & healthy!

Written by Joe Medina, Vice President Business Development

Please contact Joe Medina ( for additional information.