Stations & Plants

GTS provides comprehensive station project engineering services and has experience with a variety of functional components including pressure regulation and overpressure protection, metering, automated and remote control, gas processing, odorization, and plant auxiliary equipment. GTS projects range in scope from complete station relocations to high-volume production-based retrofits. GTS staff can perform or assist with all phases of the project from design criteria development, to construction and commissioning field support through job close-out. GTS design teams work closely with clients to evaluate design, schedule, and budget constraints and identify the optimal solution. GTS can assist in the following areas:

Key Projects

New Valve Automation & ILI Stations Project

In conjunction with a hydrostatic test and ILI upgrades for a 12-inch transmission pipeline, GTS designed five new stations to add capabilities for flow measurement, line isolation via automatic shutoff valves (and remotely control capabilities via SCADA), ILI receivers and launchers… Read More

Engineering Design & Construction Drawing Package

To perform a traditional ILI, the client required removing certain obsolete equipment from an existing pipeline station and reinstalling this functionality at a different station upstream. In addition, the engineering team developed a design to install a new transmission ILI receivers and launchers… Read More 


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