Transmission Integrity Management Program (TIMP) PMO

Working with large utilities, GTS is integral in the planning, development, and establishment of a PMO to manage the execution of the various TIMP assessments, surveys, and mitigation projects needed to maintain a safe pipeline system. A TIMP PMO could include the following processes:

  • Pre-assessment, IIT survey, Inspection Digs and resulting mitigation in the ECDA process
  • ILI pig runs, inspection digs, and mitigation
  • Stress Corrosion Cracking (SCC) inspections and mitigation
  • Material Verification (MV) digs and mitigation

In addition to significantly increasing the probability of regulatory compliance, a TIMP PMO benefits clients by standardizing the process, lowering costs, increasing efficiency, increasing communication and collaboration across all stakeholders, increasing the quality of documentation and records management, and improving customer satisfaction.  GTS takes great care to integrate the PMO processes into the standard processes of the client so that execution and coordination of all activities is seamless.  A GTS PMO not only streamlines the execution of TIMP activities, it also establishes project controls that provide program and project status reporting for client management, financial and budget monitoring/reporting, program risk management and mitigation, and process development and improvement.

GTS has managed TIMP inspections for hundreds of miles of pipeline and lessened the time from the start of the process to the end.  Using the TIMP PMO processes, GTS has helped its clients meet their compliance deadlines and lower their TIMP inspection costs by millions of dollars per year.

The TIMP PMO Team consists of functional teams such as Transmission Integrity Management, Project Management, Land Management, Environmental, permitting (Federal, State and Local), Government Relations, Customer Relations, Construction Management, Inspection, NDE vendors, Contract Management, Engineering,  and additional resources as required. GTS personnel provide project management of individual projects, development of permit drawings, coordination of permits, and in-field support during all activities.  GTS has developed detailed checklists for each TIMP process to avoid common mistakes and ensure high quality work.

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