Transmission Integrity Management

GTS provides operators with solutions to support their planning, implementation, and execution of integrity management requirements and initiatives.  Broadly, those services encapsulate support for:  ILI programs, review and support of TIMP programs, and hydrostatic testing.  Review all of our areas we provide support in below:

Key Projects

ILI Retrofit Design Project

GTS has extensive experience with in-line inspection projects through the entirety of the ILI retrofit and inspection process. In support of client’s retrofit programs, GTS engineers reviewed the pipeline system to evaluate hydraulic feasibility of runs, and more… Read More

Long Line Hydrostatic Test 

GTS provided hydrostatic test engineering and design for 160 miles of 34-inch gas transmission pipeline within the Mojave Desert. The project scope was to verify the integrity of the 1950’s vintage pipeline and validate MAOP… Read More

Mainline Upgrades & ILI Engineering Services 

This project included the replacement of approximately 2,400-ft of 24-inch steel transmission pipe in a residential neighborhood. In addition to the mainline upgrades, GTS provided engineering services for the design of the traditional ILI launcher and ILI receiver at existing facilities on either end of the ILI run. After providing engineering services during construction, GTS also supported the client in incorporating all field data into the facility records.


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