Transmission Pipeline Reinforcement Project

To meet the growing demand for gas service in Happy Valley, OR, our client was required to reinforce the existing distribution system.  GTS designed approximately 5,000 feet of 6-inch steel high pressure pipeline to feed the proposed district regulator station (DREG) and the 450 feet of downstream plastic piping.  GTS also assisted our client’s internal station design team in modifying the original (DREG) design to fit the much narrow secondary location after a Clackamas County zoning ordinance did not allow for the installation of the DREG in the previously identified location.     

In addition to engineering and design, GTS provided land acquisition support by identifying potential laydown yards, preparing the rental agreement and assisting in negotiating the settlement package.  GTS also provided permitting support by preparing the City and County permit applications, creating any necessary exhibits and was the point of contact for Clackamas County and the City of Happy Valley.

The Happy Valley Reinforcement Project’s biggest challenge was the schedule constraints.  To meet permit conditions, limit construction mob/demobs, gather information from over 150 potholes to complete the design and identify a secondary location for the DREG, GTS had to break the Issued for Construction drawing package into three phases.  The Phase 1 package allowed for the 1,000-foot long horizontal directional drill in front of a school to be completed during a two-week school break. The second phase allowed for most of the upstream piping to be installed while the proposed DREG was relocated and redesigned.  The final phase consisted of the DREG and plastic downstream piping that tied into the existing distribution system.