Updated TSA Pipeline Security Guidelines

In April of 2021, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) issued updates to its Pipeline Security Guidelines, providing guidance for determining which metering stations, regulating stations, compressor stations, main line valves and operational control facilities may be designated as critical facilities and subject the TSA guidelines. The TSA guidelines apply to both physical security and cyber security; a physical security implementation should include:

1. A Criticality Assessment

2. Asset Characterization

3. Threat Assessment

4. Vulnerability Analysis

5. Risk Assessment

6. Countermeasure Analysis

7. Implementation Of Baseline And Enhanced Security Measures 8.

8 Baseline Checkpoints Required

9. 20 Critical Facilities Checkpoints

10. Work Management System Updates Requirements

GTS, a Kleinfelder Company, is ready to support operators implementing a physical security plan in accordance with TSA Guidelines. We can provide a structured, straightforward and efficient approach as well as consulting support to assist your organization’s timely implementation.

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