Consulting & Compliance Services

GTS has the capabilities to perform technical consulting services for natural gas industry transmission and distribution system operators. Following are some of the services GTS can provide:

  • Process Development for O&M Activities – O&M activities are complex and must be performed in accordance with regulatory requirements.  A comprehensive, yet lean process with strong QC activities built in will ensure compliance.
  • Change Management – Invoking new processes or changes in standards can be challenging to ensure that all participants are in alignment with the changes.  GTS can help operators with Change Management activities to ensure compliance with invoked changes.
  • Work Management Systems – GTS can bridge the gap between O&M activities knowledge and work management system technologies and help operators configure a new system or upgrade existing systems.  GTS is experienced in with SAP architecture and custom system developments.
  • Post MAOP Validation, Verification, Reconfirmation Decision Trees – Operator specific risk is utilized to develop decision trees to operate over MAOP validation datasets.  These decision trees allow for operators to prioritize medium to long term mitigations of issues surfaced during MAOP validation, verification, reconfirmation.
  • Asset Knowledge Acquisition Programs – GTS can develop a comprehensive program that will ensure that operators leverage Non-destructive Testing, Destructive Testing and Opportunity Exposure Testing to always gather unknown asset specifications and validate records and ILI data.
  • Due Diligence Review – GTS has extensive experience reviewing asset records for mergers and acquisitions and in support of MAOP validation, verification, reconfirmation programs.
  • As-Built Document Quality Processes – Appropriate records retention and quality are challenges for operators.  GTS can assist operators to establish as-built records requirements (types and quality) and quality control steps and quality assurance protocols.
  • Natural Gas Integrity Management Programs – GTS supports operators with Transmission Integrity Management Programs (TIMP) and Distribution Integrity Management Programs (DIMP).  Services include: audit preparation support, risk and integrity assessment support, development and implementation of processes and procedures to meet regulatory compliance requirements of 49 CFR part 192, Subparts O and P.
  • Pipeline Safety Management Systems – GTS has extensive understanding of API 1173, implementation tools and experience in developing, assessing and implementing safety management systems.  We provide support in program evaluation and effectiveness, planning, implementation, and remediation of gaps.

Additional Services

Key Projects

Mega Rule Compliance Assessment

GTS performed a comprehensive review and evaluation of our client’s existing gas integrity management and compliance programs, procedures and practices as compared to the requirements of the final rule and upcoming Pipeline Safety Regulatory Rule changes under Docket No. PHMSA–2011–0023… Read More

Maintenance Assessments

To eliminate a large number of non-compliances for the client, GTS developed quality control checklists for reviewing leak survey, valve maintenance, regulator station maintenance, and others maintenance activities. GTS employed these protocols to review “just completed” maintenance and project packages. The client established this process as a regular practice and appropriately staffed and placed it into their normal operation.

General Rate Case Filing

GTS provided data validation for approximately 800 miles of pipeline for one of our client’s General Rate Case Filing. This project involved reviewing thousands of As-Built documents for historical strength tests, summarizing our findings into proposed projects to address missing test records, and assisting the client in completing necessary Work Papers required for the Rate Case Filing.