Distribution Engineering

GTS has over 20-years of experience working on a variety of distribution engineering projects ranging from designs for regulator station upgrades & rebuilds, SCADA installations, plastic and steel pipeline replacements, private gas delivery systems, and mobile home parks. Since each project is unique, GTS has designed for multiple situations including trenchless crossings and bridge crossings. In addition to engineering design, GTS has the in-house expertise to provide:

  • New business/applicant designs
  • Permitting support
  • Project/program management (including program start-ups)
  • Cost estimating for project and regulatory support
  • Field engineering support (including project as-builts and close-outs)
  • Existing main and service replacement programs (including farm taps)
  • Integrity Management consulting
  • Joint trench and utility composite designs
  • Regulator Station Review Program to assess and create compliance with AGA Best Practices and NTSB recommendations for stations

Browse through our areas of expertise below:

Key Projects

Excavator moving building rubble

Paradise Rebuild Effort

Recently, wildfires have devastated communities, wildlife, and critical infrastructure in California. GTS is proud to support the rebuild efforts in Butte County where the 2018 Camp Fire deeply impacted the Town of Paradise and surrounding areas… Read More

Distribution Regulator Station Design

GTS provided engineering design for a large volume customer regulator (LVCR) station in Williams, California.  The project scope was to remove and replace an existing LVCR and meter set assembly (MSA) with a new MSA with upstream metering… Read More

Distribution Pipeline Design Project

GTS has engineered and designed several distribution pipeline replacement projects in Arizona to replace degrading plastic and steel pipe. The pipe replacements were primarily driven by potential integrity threats, including degrading PVC and Drisco M8000 plastic pipe, and CP issues on vintage steel pipe… Read More

Mobile Home Park (MHP) Utility Upgrade Program

The California Public Utility Commission (CPUC) approved a program to convert master metered natural gas and electric utility services serving MHP communities to direct utility services. GTS has provided the completed scoping and gas design packages for over 90 MHPs… Read More


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